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CM33 Case For Neumann KM 184, Shure, Schoeps, DPA and other SDC MicsCM33 Case For Neumann KM 184, Shure, Schoeps, DPA and other SDC Mics   


Box 9.12 x 6.62 x 2.87 (in)
Mic Slits 4.75 x 1 (in)


Berliner now has beautiful oak, cherry stained microphone boxes for many different microphone manufacturers.  These boxes are perfect to house and protect your favorite small diaphragm microphones.

The Berliner CM33 mic box fits Neumann KM184 mics as well as Neumann KM85/84 microphones, Schoeps CMC641 mic sets, Rode NT series small diaphragm condensers, DPA 4007 Hi-SPL Mic, Shure KSM137 SL Stereo pair and other small diaphragm condenser mics up to 2 inches in diameter and 5 inches in length. Wood microphones Box foam also has cutout for 2 windscreens and 2 microphone clips.

These microphone boxes have custom cutouts to fit the above microphones.If you need custom fits please email us at

Have Questions or want to know where to purchase? Call 1-888-MIC-THIS (642-8447)