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CM33 Stereo Matched Pair CM33 Stereo Matched Pair   


Directional Pattern: Cardioid
Acoustical Operating Principle: Pressure gradient transducer
Active Electronics: Transformerless FET
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity: -40dB (9mv/Pa 0dB=1V/Pa at 1 KHz)
Level Attenuation: 10dB (switchable)
Low-Cut filter: 3dB/Oct. at 120Hz (switchable)
Rated Impedance: 50 ohms
Maximum SPL: 141dB (@1kHz, 0.5% THD) 151 dB SPL with -10dB pad
Equivalent Noise: 17dB-A
S/N Ratio: 76.3dB
Power Requirement: 48 +/- 4V, 3mA
Circuit: FET driven, discrete balanced output
Connection: gold-plated balanced 3 pin XLR

Berliner CM33 Review
The "CM33" condenser miniature microphones use FET technology with a transformerless microphone circuit.


The CM33 Model Features

  • Exceptionally low inherent self-noise and high overload capability
  • Reliable transformerless fet circuit design
  • Exceptionally clear sound reproduction free of coloration
  • Cardioid pickup pattern effectively eliminates feedback, providing excellent pickup of on-axis sources while attenuating extraneous sound occurring from around and behind the mic.
  • Very smooth frequency curves, matching 0° sound incidence. Signals within a pick-up angle of ± 135° are reproduced without coloration.

The microphone has a balanced output. The 3-pin gold-plated XLR connector has the following pin assignments:

Pin 1: 0 ground
Pin 2: Modulation (+phase)
Pin 3: Modulation (-phase)

Additional Information

Each set of CM33 microphones is carefully matched by hand in our state of the art anechoic chamber.  Therefore, the CM33 is ideal for stereo recording when coincident and near-coincident miking techniques such as X-Y and ORTF are utilized.

The CM33 is designed for studio use but is well suited for live applications.  Engineered for instrument recording, the CM33 is an excellent choice when recording drum overheads, acoustic guitar, piano, strings and all other types of acoustic instruments.

In addition, the CM33 performs exceptionally well on vocals. Especially in situations where a vocal choir needs to be captured in stereophonic sound.

It's discrete size and design allows for effective and subtle positioning, which is crucial when close miking. The CM33 also features a switchable low frequency roll-off and -10 dB input attenuation.

The CM33 is available in stereo hand-matched pairs.  Each set is housed in a beautifully handcrafted cherry/oak boxes. Also included with each set are mic clips and windscreens.

Special custom shockmounts and omni capsules are available as additional accessories.


The CM33 is Well Suited for Studio or Live Applications


The CM33 Matched Pair is the perfect tool for close miking when capturing acoustic instruments such as piano, strings, drum overheads or acoustic guitar where spatial 2 channel, stereo operation is desired.

Naturally the CM33 can be used by itself to capture single sources as well. Off axis coloration is kept at a minimum due to the properties inherent in a pressure gradient capsule.

Whether its a string ensemble, acoustic guitar, piano or drum overheads you're recording, Berliner Microphones offers an excellent choice for capturing the performance accurately and uncolored with the CM33 matched pair. The CM33 Model Features

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