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 The Models

First model introduced in 2007

Berliner Microphones currently offers 5 popular models that fit a variety of recording applications.  The first model introduced in 2007 is the CM33 hand-matched stereo pair.

The CM33 is hand-tested in an anechoic chamber for close matching of frequency response curves for improved stereophonic applications.  cm33This microphone can capture a wide range of instruments and recording scenarios such as vocal choirs, acoustic instruments, percussion and live applications.

Most importantly, the CM33 has a wide frequency response and captures sound with low noise and very little coloration making them an excellent choice when seeking a true and natural sound recording. To add further value, the CM33 is affordably priced at $499/pair (street price).  Technical Brochure

u7 The second microphone Dana Kamide, CEO and Founder of Berliner designed and introduced is the U7 tube condenser with fixed cardioid pattern.  The U7 sounds excellent on vocals and acoustic instruments.  The U7 is also priced at an affordable level at $999 each and comes with carrying case, power supply, shockmout and all cables.  There is an upgraded model available that utilizes a NOS GE tube and M7 Capsule priced at $1899 and this is the Berliner U7M.  More


The Company’s “Flagship Microphone” is the Model U77.  The U77 tube condenser microphone is completely hand-built in Germany.  It has three polar patterns and utilizes an exact copy of the world famous M7 capsule skinned and hand-tuned by renown microphone capsule builder in Berlin. the U77

The U77 retails for $4,995 and has quickly become well known for  its incredibly smooth, warm and natural sound and is consistently compared to some of the most revered microphones ever built! More

dk1_sm.jpgThe DK1 is Berliner's solution for finding that perfect kick drum sound.  The DK1 (Dynamic Kick) utilizes a dynamic capsule with a hyper cardioid pattern and very high SPL.  The DK1 certainly can have more than one use other than the purpose of kick drum as you can use it for all kinds of sound sources, but the kick drum is where this mic does its best job, and it does the job very well. More



More To Come! Please pardon us while we update our site.



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